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Fantasio The Color Changing Lighter Book No.6


AT LONG, LONG LAST – here we are with the Color Changing Lighter book! It...




AT LONG, LONG LAST – here we are with the Color Changing Lighter book! It seems to me as though this book has been forever coming, but finally you can see some of the many things magical that you can do with Fantasio’s Color Changing Lighter, whether you work it close-up or on stage. The variety of effects I personally find intriguing, for you can do so many unusual things with this little gimmick.
Before we get into the magic, I wane to make one aspect of this book clear to my readers. Since I personally do nor smoke cigarettes, cigars or anything else, I do not think in terms of the lighter’s use with such materials. I think of the item as a lighter. not a cigarette lighter (even though that was probably its original intention). Therefore, I have written and edited everything in this book in terms of the lighter used as an object independent of smoking materials. What uses you make of the lighter are yours to decide. My preference is to use the lighter for lighting candles and making magical things happen without tobacco.
Another important point: Throughout the book I have used the word shell to indicate the plastic gimmick or sleeve. I have done chis for description’s sake, feeling that the use of a single word consistently would be better for everyone.
My thanks go out as usual to Fantasia himself and the contributors, plus my co-author and artist friend Jim Kleefeld, whose lighter ideas I think you will find very intriguing. Also, I felt especially lucky to get the contributions from Paul Sorrentino and Steve Dusheck at the last minute, so l especially thank them.
Due to the great amount of material here, Fantasia and I decided to devote this whole sixth book to the lighter. In future cane and candle books we will probably include a chapter of lighter tricks here and there as we discover other ways to use this little gimmick. So if YOU have a trick or idea, drop me a line about it. ·
In conclusion, play with these tricks and ideas, find some that you like, and use them to entertain your audiences, be they one or one thousand!