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Fantasio Cane and Candle Book No.3


Another Beginning

HAVE I STEPPED onto dangerous ground with a third cane and candle...




Another Beginning

HAVE I STEPPED onto dangerous ground with a third cane and candle book?
l think not.
Not with such powerful ammunition as Fanrasio’s plastic Appearing Canes, which have recently made their appearance on the magic mar¬ket. Add to all the appearing cane possibilities some new vanishing cane and candle material as well as corned y ideas with these versatile products, and here we are with Fantasio’s Cane and Candle Book No. 3.
Let me point out in the beginning that I didn’t just slap this book to-gether. I’m a pack rat, an idea saver. I keep files. And since the summer of 1973, I’ve kept a file labeled Fanrasio #3. Into that file went scraps of paper from time to time, notes of ideas, rough sketches, plus letters from readers who enjoyed the first two books and sent in their ideas.
While Lynne sunned herself by the pool and Muffy waited patiently for her nightly ice cream cone at Jimbo’s, I took a Joe of those scraps of paper and made them readable in July of 1976 at New Smyrna Beach, Florida. About the same time, I put together half of Matchbox Delights, The matchbox scraps became a book; the cane and candle scraps weren’t ready co make a whole book, though you’ll find a lot of them in the last three chapters of this volume. Instead, they went back into the #3 file co wait for something 10 happen, something co make them a book.
In June 1977 something did happen.
Fantasia called me 10 announce that finally, after all these years, he was putting into production his plastic appearing canes. They would be ready by late July. And that announcement opened the door to a wide variety of possibilities, with an abundance of exciting new cane – and candle – magic.
In July we worked on ideas during the SAM convention. In August I added to chose ideas, developing some new ones. Then I began the book anew.
Before, between and after shows I worked. I wrote this book just about anywhere and everywhere – at home in Norcross, between shopping center shows in Atlanta, Albany and Tampa, between school show stops when Diana drove us, in Georgia, Florida and Alabama, flying co and from Cleveland for a lecture/performance at the 104 Annual Wizards Conclave. Moving around like chat made it hard to cake a typewriter, so I ended up writing this one mostly by hand.
In the end, Lynne helped me with editing and suggestions. Fantasia read the manuscript and offered his input. Bill Blackard turned out some more fine illustrations. And now, here we are with Book No. 3.
We all hope you enjoy it and get at least one something useful out of it. I thank the magicians who contributed their ideas and routines. I thank Bill for the drawings. I thank Fantasia for allowing me to write these books in the first place. I thank Diana and Jeannie for all-around assistance. I especially thank Lynne for sticking with me through every-thing. And I thank God for blessing me with the talent and drive chat got me this far.
Time to wrap it up. Three shows tomorrow. One in Cochran, Georgia, and 2wo at the school in Plains. One vanishing candle and four Fantasia appearing canes. It’s the truth. Honest co goodness, it is the truth.