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Doing Magic for Youngsters


Classic early kidshow magic book of two texts in one, the first David Ginn ever...

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This is not the first book of children’s magic ever written. But it is the first one I read as a teenager, and it put me on the right path to entertaining children. Doing Magic for Youngsters is actually two books in one, written by Bert Easley and Eric P. Wilson. The first half tackles magic words, different kind of audience, opening stunt, visual comedy vs. jokes, using volunteers, sucker tricks, rabbits, making candy and more. Part two offers several complete children’s shows by Eric Wilson, hints on making your own tricks, magical gags, and a list of do’s and don’ts for kidshows. Paperbound, 122 pages, with Ed Mishell illustrations. I am sure you’ll find something in these pages that will help YOU!