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DG Great Big Deal


Great Big Deal: 25 items: 1980 DG black brochure, Chest of Lamas production, David...

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David Ginn’s GREAT BIG DEAL is over 25 brochures, flyers, tricks, illusions, newsletters, secrets, manuscript parts, photos and more (see the picture) from the GINNVILLE ARCHIVES!  You’ll see how David advertised his school shows, prepared publicity pieces and more in order to BOOK SHOWS and gather a following in the school show / library market.  Only 50 packages left!  This includes David’s BIG SHOW 1981 four-page brochure in B & W with great photos. Check this list:  1980 DG black brochure, Chest of Lamas production, David Hoy promo letter, DG posters, GG mind reading act, Girl Thru Tape, Snake in Basket, 6 full color video covers DG, Amazing Thought Control, Dunninger Color cover, Production Box and more.Also includes a set of LIVE KIDBIZ series video covers in full color, suitable for wall mouthing if you wish!  A one of a kind package EXCLUSIVELY from GinnMagic! And it’s only $5.00 plus postage.