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Day Care Booking Manual


The only textbook on the market that teaches you how to work magic at daycare centers,...

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Over the past 20 years Sammy Smith has entertained thousands of children at day care centers and church pre-schools. Lynne and I even visited one to see Sammy perform during a Florida vacation. Sammy had those little kids in the palm of his hand, laughing and loving his show. In his Confidential Day Care Booking Manuel, Sammy explains how he books all those shows, a system and philosophy which will keep you right on track and help you avoid pitfalls. Inside the book you’ll also find a studio CD by Sammy explaining even more. You’ll learn how to get started, background & philosophy, type of show & themes, advantages & disadvantages, the day care audience, repeat bookings, pricing, contracts, keeping expenses low, referrals, advertising, and a whole lot more. If you ever wish to work for pre-schoolers and book day care centers, this is the book & CD for you! So confidential it even comes padlocked!