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DAVID GINN Live Lecture 1978


Here is a rare 2 hr black & white video on DVD of David Ginn’s first lecture...

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This DVD comes free with the new printing of CLL but if you have one of the original printings of that book you might want this one, too. During this two-hour lecture, only on DVD, the 1978 David Ginn (complete in vested suit and tie!) shares the concept of comedy warm-ups that I still believe in today, along with how entertaining children is more important than fooling them. I demonstrate this with bits such as Total Recall, Raising Hands Gag, Smile Contest using the Talking Teeth, Smokey The Bear’s Hot Book, and 6th Finger Countdown from Comedy Warm-ups & BringingHome the Laughs. Then you’ll see performances with explanations of the Color Changing Shoelaces*, a homemade Electric Deck, the ABC’s Backwards (hey, Doc Eason uses it!), the Silks That Won’t Stay Tied with Birthday Blendo, the Wilting Flower* (which I am again using this year in schools), Free Breakfast Set, Painting by Magic, Shooting Card Trick*, Popaway Wand*, Charlie’s Invisible Message* (only place you’ll see it on tape!), plus a final wrap-up to inspire YOU to entertain those children! Items marked * come directly from Children Laugh Louder. As a THANK YOU to all who bought the original CLL book…I am offering this DVD to each of you at an unbelievable price!