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Daddy G Powder


Ginn version of chemical slush powder that instantly absorbs 50 times its weight...

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DADDY ‘G’ POWDER is my brand of slush or g-powder, absolutely pure, direct from the manufacter, and packaged right here in Ginnsville. A small amount INSTANTLY gels 4 oz of water allowing you to get 20-30 shows out of each small bottle. Pour water into a styrofoam cup, pierce it with pencils or knitting needles (see Live Kidbiz 4 for my routine) . . . and the water vanishes. Dozens of ways to use it. And yes, it will gel juice, soda, even MILK! Daddy G Powder is non-toxic, but don’t get it in your eyes or mouth (if you do, flush with water). We only package it in SMALL bottles at $5.00 per bottle, or 3 bottles for $10.00