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Sammy Smith, Steve Taylor, and David Ginn share over 50 years combined experience...

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Over 1500 copies sold!     The new book by Sammy Smith, Steve Taylor, and David Ginn contains NOT a single trick in the entire book! But in the 144 pages you will find ten chapters of advice and experience by three fulltime kidshow pros aimed at helping you become the best children’s entertainer possible!  This new book boasts a two-color cover, 20 photos, 20 cartoons, and a mountain of solid material in a fun and funny conversational form. Here are the chapters:

1. Audience Participation, the core of every children’s show because
secretly every kid wants to help.

2. Treating Audience Helpers With Respect, having fun on stage without
embarrassing any volunteer.

3. Sucker Tricks For Kids, letting them get you “up a tree” and how to get
down without hurting the show.

4. Entertaining Pre-Schoolers with-out the use of fire or chopper tricks,
you can have little ones loving you!

5. Working Outdoor Shows, what to do when it starts to rain, what tricks
work best, how to be prepared.

6. Adult Volunteers In Kidshows, kids love to see teachers and parents up
helping, how to make that work to your advantage.

7. Mixing Messages With Magic, how to add education to the tricks without
becoming boring, in fact, making the messages fun!

8. New Twists on Old Tricks, dust off that prop you bought ten years ago and
use it today in a different way!

9. Entertaining Adults at Your Kidshows, you’re there to entertain the kids,
but grown-ups write the check. Can you please both?

10. Final Words and Stories, how encouragement, influence, inspiration can
make you a better performer.