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Comedy Magic for Pre-Schoolers


David Ginn shares 3 complete shows and a tutorial teaching you how to work magic...

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How do you present shows for pre-school children? This two-hour DVD is my answer, based on 25 years of doing over 50 of these shows every year. Not only do I spent 30 minutes sharing with you dozens of hints, tips, ways and methods of doing the shows, but I give you THREECOMPLETE LIVE SHOWS to educate you all the more! The final DVD is logically divided into four quarters: 

  • Pre-School How-to Seating the audience, warming them up, trick do’s and don’ts, audience helpers, magic wands, using puppets, toys/games/animals, live rabbit, easy stage set up, keeping up the pace, time limit, ending the show & more. 
  • Magic Animals Show Every trick involves animals: Peacock Blendo, Stretching Snake or Rainbow, the Chicken Trick, Super Bunny, Who’s Who in the Zoo, Going Bananas & Big Monkey, Sherlock Bones the Big Dawg, Live Animal Cage. 
  • Another Bag of Magic 1994 A 16-year-old performance that teaches you more: Trixie Trapeze, Whistle Bandanna, Sponge Ball Bunny, Wand to Flower & Wilting, Lemon Worm Cans, Coin Pail & Magic Bunny Caboose. Summer of 2010 I lectured on this at the FCM conference in Indiana. 

One magician said to me immediately after: “That easy stage set-up is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen!” Decide for yourself! If you want to entertain the little kids, give Comedy Magic for Pre-Schoolers a try. I made this to share what has worked for me, and hopefully it will work wonders for YOU and your pre-school audiences.