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Comedy Card on Back


Classic David Ginn routine (see YouTube) in which the selected card appears on...

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Add Five Knockout Minutes of magic-comedy to your act at a bargain price!

Have an audience helper select a card, show it around, then return it to the deck. You try to read his mind three times, but you’re always wrong. Giving up, you shake the helper’s hand, turning him and there’s the card stuck to HIS BACK!


The audience kids go wild trying to tell you. You pretend you don’t understand and milk it for laughs, finally discovering the card. “No wonder I couldn’t read your mind. Your card wasn’t on your mind – IT WAS ON YOUR BACK!

(Included as a chapter of Kidbiz, you may also have the reprinted booklet describes which describes everything!)

See David perform this on Magic Ten by Ginn.