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45 years after writing his first book (Colorful Magic 1969) David has released...

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45 years after writing his first book (Colorful Magic 1969) David has released a DVD showing all his early magic with doves, rabbits, silk, flowers, candles, and even two illusions! On this DVD David also tackles Grants old “Rice Cans” (formerly known as Chink Cans) with an easier way to do them, using butter beans! Absolutely, purely a DVD teaching you lots of wonderful, colorful STAGE MAGIC! Fun to watch and fun to learn.

CONTENTS INCLUDE:   Rabbit from Hat, Stage Sponge Balls production, Huge Silk Production, Flagstaff and Birdcage, Parfay Coke, Silk Fountain the fast way (taught by David), DG First TV Dove Act (1965), One Hand Dove Production, Carnival Ribbons by Ian Adair, Doves to Rabbit, Dove Balloon Cage, Big Silk Quick, Multiplying Candles, Cagey Canister, plus two illusions — the DRAGON BOX girl production (studio performance with explanation plus a live show performance) and Thayer’s PHANTOM CARGO CAGE (performance only).  COLORFUL MAGIC ON STAGE is one of David’s favorite DVDs because “this is the kind of stage magic audiences love!” Hey, you will too . . . and you’ll learn how to do it!