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Color Changing Shoelaces – RED,WHITE & BLUE


Patriotic set of laces, in which white changes to blue, red appears, and you find...

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Now this great product I’ve been showing, telling, and selling for nearly 30 years is made right here in Ginnville! Many thanks for JEANNIE WALTERS and her mom TINA HARRIS for their sewing skills. Here is the basic effect: Pull a YELLOW 27″ shoelace through your hand — it magically changes to GREEN. What’s in your hand? Why, a RED shoelace, you admit, after some kidshow by-play. Then you reproduce the yellow lace from your pocket. Available in (1) Red-Yellow-Green safety, (2) Red-White-Blue patriotic, (3) Black-White-Red gospel, (4) Purple Orange Eater sharing story, and NOW (5) CHRISTMAS version: white to green, red appears, then green tree lace covered with colorful decorations (also includes extra plain green lace for performance other than Christmas)