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Breakaway Fan


Hand this bamboo/cloth fan to a child on stage and it falls apart. Classic comedy...

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When I was a budding teenage magician I had a great $2 Breakaway Fan. It was made of bamboo ribbing with cloth between the ribs. Unfortunately they stopped making those years ago. They went to making them using thick aluminum ribs that LOOK THICK. Somewhere mine eventually died, and I stopped using this great gag. NOW…some highly intelligent magic manufacturer has remade that kind I loved so much…looking exactly like the GOOD KIND I had… but the ribs are made in heavy duty plastic and they are good! So good that you can even flex the fan back and forth when closed without breaking it! SHOW the fan together when open, fan yourself a bit, then ask a kid to do it too. When he or she opens the fan, all the sections come apart for lots of laughs. You the performer cannot understand it. So you repeat it several times and fi nally let the KID get it right and YOU CANNOT! End up with the joke on you and make the child look the hero. Everybody wins!