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Birthday Party Business



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BALLOONS, FUN, GAMES, MAGIC, PUPPETS, STORYTELLING and more–that’s what you’ll find in this huge brand-new 8 1/2 X 11 book of 208 pages: The Birthday Party Business! Created by the publisher of my book Clown Magic, Bruce Fife, along with six other authors: Hal Diamond, Steve Kissell, Robin Vogel, Mary Lostak, Bob Conrad, and Mama Clown.

This book looks at both sides of birthdays – the fun, entertainment side AND the business side. You’ll learn secrets of entertaining children in home and picnic venues, including clowning, puppetry, face painting, magic, ballooning, and more, including catering parties and creating theme parties as well.

You’ll find booking advice, hints, and tools as well, teaching you how to succeed as a birthday party entertainer. Whether you’re working full- or part-time, The Birthday Party Business will steer you in the right direction towards success.