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Big Red Hand andBig Orange Bunny


Combo offer allowing you to purchase Big Bunny and Big Red Hand at a special price!...

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These two excellent Goshman sponge props continue to be among my all-time best sellers! Each one turns inside-out to create a two-inch sponge ball. When you push either through your fist, reversing it, the ball becomes either a Big Red Hand (You caught me red handed!) or a bright Orange Bunny Rabbit…each about NINE inches TALL! Personally, I like wetting mine with tap water before the show, then squeezing the sponge dry several times in a towel. The sponge stays damp (not dripping wet), which makes it 30% larger and makes it reverse much easier. I carry mine in a plastic ziplock bag, but let them dry out between shows. See Crash Course on Kidshows for the routine I use with both the hand and the bunny. Regular price of the Big Red Hand or Big Orange Bunny is $12.00 each…but order them together at the sale price of $19 plus shipping!