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Fantasio Cane and Candle Book No.2


FROM THE MOMENT I finished writing the first book of magic with Fantasio’s...



FROM THE MOMENT I finished writing the first book of magic with Fantasio’s canes and candles, I had the idea that if the first book became a success, there would be a second.

But sequels are always dangerous. They should never be tackled without sufficient reason and sufficient ammunition. So, two years later, we have sufficient reason: the first volume of Fantasia’s cane and candle magic has sold nearly the entire first printing, the reviews were good, and magicians have been asking for more material along the same lines.

And, two years later, we have gathered sufficient ammunition from many sources, as you will see in the additional ten pages. this book has over the first. The new ammunition, I might add, is powerful magic I think you will like—particularly Fantasio’s Card Sword Cane, the Cane to Lit Candle, and Ghirardi’s Multiplying Canes.

The fact that this book exists I owe to the magicians who graciously contributed their tricks, routines, and ideas with canes and candles. Each magician is given credit along with his contribution, but here I would like to sincerely say THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your help.

Naturally, too, I would like to thank Fantasio for his advice, suggestions, encouragement, and the front cover design for the book. A smiling face always sets the mood right for good magic!

Thank you, also, to friend Bruce Johnson for general all¬ around aid. It all helps.

Bill Blackard has again done a fine job of illustrating, from cover to titles to the thirty-six line drawings of the tricks. Thank you, Bill. I still haven’t figured out how you do those drawings so easily!

Finally, I wish to thank my wife, Lynne, for her advice, suggestions, opinions, proofreading, and everything else involved in the love of her writer, magician, head-full-of-ideas husband. Me.

Guess what OUR NEXT BOOK will be?