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12 Gospel Tricks with Silks


A dozen magic tricks with silk handkerchiefs, each with a gospel message based...

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This Del Wilson book kicks off with a great message: What’s greater than God, meaner than the Devil, and if you don’t do it will send ou to Hell?  Read the book for the answer!  You’ll find a dozen easy tricks with gospel message, all silk-related:  Lord is Risen Indeed, a knot & silk on rope effect; Let Your Light Shine, a silk from candle flame appearance; Light vs. Darkness (silks unknotting); Be Not Conformed (sympathetic silks); Unequally Yoked (knots vanish from one set of silks to another); In the Midst (20th century silks); Truth Makes Free (silk through rope penetration); Two Witnesses (silks through ropes a la Grandma’s Necklace); Wages of Sin (cut & restored silk); Love of God (another cut/restored silk in paper tube); Lamb of God (silk penetrates rope and jumps to another rope); Metamorphosis (silk streamer in popcorn box changed to butterfly silk); plus a handful of Silk Tips.  Great value to the Christian who wanted to share God with others visually.