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12 Gospel Tricks with Paper Sacks & Newspaper


A dozen tricks with paper sacks & newspapers, each with a gospel scripture...

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Four years ago Del Wilson published #11 in his series and I somehow missed it. Well, here it is—a dozen good tricks with two things we always have, paper sacks and newspaper. Scripture patter stories include You Have a Choice, Jesus Sets You Free, Lost Sheep, Teach the Word, Tares, Heavenly Fruit Market, Word of God, Living Water, Talents, A Trip to Eternity and more. Del teaches you how to make the Newspaper Tree, bags with secret pockets, a magic scroll with newspaper, sacks with false bottoms, several paper folding novelties, and more. If you use the material in these two books alone, you have nearly half a year of children’s sermons or Sunday School lessons! Written and illustrated by a dedicated Christian man, Del Wilson.