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12 Gospel Tricks with Money


Using both coins and paper money, Del Wilson shares a dozen tricks with Bible scripture...

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Using both coins and paper money, author Del Wilson share a dozen magic tricks using Bible scripture as patter. Contents include God Loves a Cheerful Giver, Go Forth (penny vanish), Banded Together for Christ (bill & paper clips link), Wheat & Tares (jumping coins), All Your Needs (money from bare hands), World vs. the Word (marked coin vanish/reappearance), Last Shall Be First ($1 to $5 bill), God Knows You (4 coin trick), Give (with $ bills), Parable of Talents (flying pennies), Sin Destroys but God Restores (paper money restored after cut), Paul & Silas (coin, hank trick). Heavenly Treasure (bill vanish). Excellent material for church shows.