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12 Gospel Tricks with Gadgets & Gizmos


My favorite Del Wilson book of 12 easy tricks with gospel messages, most of them...

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DEL WILSON presented his 12th gospel magic theme book at the recent Indiana and Oklahoma FCM conferences…and I just love this new/old material! Each trick consists of the trick, working, story that is scripture based, and of course the HOW-TO so you can use it or adapt it. The messages in this new book include Be Commission Minded, Cheerful Giver, God Knows You, Jesus Took Your Sin, Two by Two, Whole Heart, Clean Mouth, This Little Light, Whom Serve, Mediator, and Follow the Cross Road. Tricks include a light bulb that burns without being plugged in (not a trick Atomic lightbulb), a do it yourself card castle that appears in the shape of a cross, a wonderful card effect I’m using in my Egypt school show this year (adapted), and more. SUPER! .