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12 Gospel Tricks with a Thumb Tip


Del Wilson’s first 12 book, sharing a dozen easy tricks with gospel scripture...

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Here is Del Wilson’s first TWELVE book — a dozen tricks wih Bible scripture messages, all produced using a magician’s thumb tip. Tricks include Burning Bush (burnt/restored hank), Whiter than Snow (red to white silk), Wages of Sin (cut/restored shoelace), Salt of the Earth (vanishing salt), God Meets Needs (coins from dollar bill), New Life (torn paper to cross), Choices (bank note effect), Justified (van knots on string), Spirit Filled (water from $ bill), Raptured (traveling silk hank), Earthly Treasures (signed bill in envelope), In Their Midst (20th century yarn), and Wages of Sin, Jesus is Life picture. Great material for Sunday School lessons and VBS programs, even sermons!