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Tricks in General

Baffling Boomerangs

New take on an old trick, invented by John Petrie in 1912. Watch the video

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Big Red Card

Large, funny, amazing revelation of an unusual card, easily forced due to a math...

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Big Surprise

Hey, that’s the name of the trick! Have a spectator select a card from the deck and...

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Blooming Blossom

Show the bare stem with no flower. Try to make it bloom, but it won’t. Put...

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Show a glass of sugar, cover it with an empty metal tube and voila! The sugar changes...

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Carnival Ribbons

Lynne and I spent two hours years ago making this trick from an IanAdair dove book....

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Change Bag

Use a change bag to produce, vanish, or switch all kinds of objects. Expertly made...

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Change Bag Zippered Model

Same Ickle Pickle change bag, but this one has a zipper bottom so you can stick your...

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