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Christmas Magic

Big Red Nose

Sammy Smith created this neat Christmas trick seven years ago, and I used it in...

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Christmas Color Changing Laces-WHITE, GREEN & GREEN

This is our Christmas version of the Color Changing Shoelaces, using a Christmas...

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50 pages of tricks, routines and SOLID ADVICE on working holiday shows in December....

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Color Changing Wreath Silks

Four diamond-cut 25″ long silks that work perfectly to use with the Color...

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Color Changing Wreaths

Since 1980 I’ve done this wonderful trick in well over 1000 live shows. People...

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Happy Santa 18" Silk

Same design as the 36″ Santa blend.

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Happy Santa Blendo

The Happy Santa Blendo! Like my Color Explosion Blendo, this one comes with four...

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Make It Magic Christmas CD

Leslie and Arthur Stead have now brought out their best royalty-free music CD...

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