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Book Worm!

Sammy Smith has finally done it … made his BOOK WORM trick in Supreme QUALITY!

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Carrot Culprit

Ian Adair’s jumbo card shows a carrot which vanishes in an envelope, to...

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Lucy Strikes Gold

Performer shows three giant carrot cards and one rabbit card. He turnsall backward...

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Magical Dog Arm Puppet

BACK IN STOCK after nearly a year!!! Here’s new magical fun for children &...

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Standing White Rabbit

Kids love this full-size Rabbit Puppet. David considers it the best one ever!...

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Super Frog!

Name the Sammy Smith trick that I have used in over 100 shows at libraries and church...

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Tail Spin

The old pin the tail on the donkey game gets a new twist, when the tail vanishes and...

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You're the Star

Great David Goodsell spelling trick with lots of comedy surprises

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