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Interesting Videos

  1. Doug Henning’s Water Torture Cell, from his first television special.

2. Billy McComb and the Vanishing Bird Cage

3. Dr. Peter Gloviczki, a wonderful manipulator.

4. Johnny Hart, with his bird act.

5. Marvin Roy and Carol, with the “Mr. Electric” act.

6. Illusionist Kalanag, famous 1940’s German magician

7. Magician Tel Smit – 50 years ago, I practiced his last card move until I could do it!

8. Jay Marshall and Lefty on the Ed Sullivan Show

9. Robert Harbin, performing his original Zig Zag Lady Illusion

10. Stephen Fry (Jeeves) Multim in Parvo – watch closely!

11.Paul Daniels performing the Robert Houdin Orange Tree Illusion

12. George Melies performing at Robert Houdin’s home in 1896

13. John Gaughan and Ricky Jay with Robert Houdin’s Antonio Diavolo

14. Illusionist Horace Goldin – interesting, but not for the rabbits!

15. German Illusionist Kalanag with the Levitation

16. Channing Pollack Dove Act from 1959 European Nights movie

17. JORGEN SAMSON, a Danish comedy magician I saw on the TV show International Showtime @ 1965.  I still love this act which probably took HOURS to set up!  

18. FANTASIO 1983: Watch the Candle Finish!

19. FANTASIO:  Candles Act 1992, Bogata Columbia

20. LANCE BURTON #1: Dove  & Candle Act 

21. LANCE BURTON #2 Dove & Cards 

22. Doug Henning: Things that Go Bump in the Night

23. Doug Henning: The Annie Illusion

24. Doug Henning: Million Dollar Illusion with Anita Morris

25. Lance Burton: Ball Room Illusion

26. Lance Burton: The Classic Blue Room Illusion

27. Mr. Cox & the Magic Lady.   Doug Henning and I saw this guy live in Italy, 1966.