Ginn Magic
DAVID GINN – Magic Man, Book Writer, Funny Talker

Welcome to our family MAGIC WEBSITE!

House Rules

1.        OUR NUMBER ONE RULE is the Golden Rule. We try our best to treat every customer as we want to be treated.  That means with professional courtesy and respect.


2.       EVERY ORDER is important, large or small.


3.        NO RUSH ORDERS.  Please understand, this is a home business and I (David) am still doing shows at schools, churches and libraries.  I also have a wife, daughter, family and friends who deserve my time. So please don’t ask me to STOP my personal life, pack your order, and rush to the post office tomorrow morning.


4.        WE SHIP PROMPTLY — on Tuesdays/Thursdays — but we are not Amazon working 24 hours a day.  So PLAN and THINK AHEAD when you order. We cannot do it overnight! If there appears to be any delay on your order, we will advise you by email.


5.        I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE every order.  If you are not happy, you may return it for a full refund, replacement merchandise, or a retail credit for a missing or broken item.  Just contact ME, David, at


6.        QUESTIONS?  Call us anytime at 770-466-8421.  SLOWLY and CLEARLY leave your name and phone number on the ORDER LINE.  Then leave a brief message telling what you’re calling about. We will get back to you.


7.        OUR SITE figures postage only on domestic orders. The site does not now (or will it ever) calculate postage on FOREIGN ORDERS. There are too many variances of airmail prices due to weight and size of shipping boxes. So if you order from outside the USA, please understand we will email you with an additional postage request. Once the additional postage is paid (PayPal to, we will then ship your order. Thank you for understanding.  Remember, we are HAPPY to ship anywhere!


8.        PAYPAL ORDERS DIRECT.   Help us by putting WHAT YOU WANT and your shipping ADDRESS in the NOTES section of PayPal payments!  Do not assume that PayPal automatically includes your address!  It doesn’t always! And you won’t believe how many orders we get each year that send money, but fail to say WHAT THEY’RE ORDERING!  We’re magicians  here — not mindreaders!  Put it in good old black and white ink!


9.        WE DO OUR BEST to please everyone, but remember — we’re only human. So if we make a mistake, do forgive our humanity.  Bring it to our attention and we’ll correct or fix it.  In fact, you might say, I’m fixin’ to correct it! That’s because I grew up in the South of the USA.


10.        EVERYONE MATTERS, including YOU and ME, here in Ginnville.