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Good Reads

1. Burling Hull: Humorous Patter
2. Gene Gordon: My Favorite Comedy Mind Reading Act
3. Gene Gordon: The Little Dog Puppet
4. David Ginn:  Outdoor Shows
5. David Ginn:  Educating Children
6. David Ginn:  The Amazing Snake Go
7. David Ginn:  Appearing Bird Cage
8. David Ginn:  Thumb Cuffs
9. David Ginn:  Multiplying Magic
10. David Ginn: Rabbit Vanish
11. David Ginn:  Computerized Magic
12. David Ginn:  Last Minute Phone Call
13. David Ginn: Give the Boy His Magic
14. David Ginn: AJC Story
15. H. G. Wells: The Magic Shop
16. David Ginn: Thank You Book
17. David Ginn: AMA Award Speech 2018
18. David Ginn: Georgia Alumni Record 1972
19. U. F. Grant: Chinese Magic & Illusions
20. N. Ternet: English is Easy?
21. Classics Illustrated 1960: The Story of Magic
22. Robert Orben: All for Laughs
23. David Ginn: Down Under
24. David Ginn: Magician’s Sister
25. David Ginn: Multiplying Wand Tips
26. David Ginn: On Your Back, MUM 1994
27. David Ginn: Wheel of Fortune 1996
28. David Ginn: Jumbo Surprise Wand
29. David Ginn: Skill Feats 2009
30. David Ginn: Two Essays, Linking Ring 2020 – Burger and Real Magic
31. David Ginn: Library Shows
32. David Ginn: Abb Dickson Story
33. David Ginn: Publicity In Print
34. John Rosemond: Expect Kids to Do Well
35. Gene Gordon: Snake Basket Routine
36. Conjuror’s 1945: Chest of the Llamas
37. Joseph Yudah 1945: Girl Through Tape
38. Conjuror’s 1945: Practical Production Tray
39. Vick Lawson 1959: Hindoo Rope Trick
40. Vick Lawson 1958: Vanishing Girl Illusion
41. U. F. Grant: Arabian Tent
42. U. F. Grant, 1958: Spirit Cabinet
43. U. F. Grant, 1958: Head Chest
44. U. F. Grant, 1958: Dove Vanish
45. U. F. Grant 1950: Zella Master Rope Tie
46. Doug Henning: Three News Stories Plus from PMY II
47. Mars & Maya: 8 x 10 Publicity Photo 1978
48. Doug Henning: Agent Bio Early 1990’s from PMY II
49. David Ginn: Super X: Perfect Publicity Photo from PMY II
50. David Ginn: 50 Magic Business Cards from PMY II
51. David Ginn: The Farmer and the Witch
52. David Ginn: The Word Counts of Edgar Rice Burroughs
53. David Ginn: Long Lost Leftover Books
54. David Ginn: Book Review 1964
55. Edwin Fitchett: Children’s Magic Lecture
56. David Ginn: Thanks, But No Thanks
57. David Ginn: My Classics Illustrated Collection