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DAVID GINN – Magic Man, Book Writer, Funny Talker

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Free Books

1. Rev. Voorhees: Conjuror in the Church 1928
2. Donald Penn: Don’s Magical Data Base 1986
3. Fred McCarthy: Ringmaster’s Guide 1956
4. Rev. L. A. McDonald: Magic Wins Kids 1950
5. Sammy Smith: A Little Journey
6. David Ginn: Comedy Warm-ups for Kids
7. David Ginn: Comedy Card on Back
8. David Ginn: Comedy Cut Neckerchief
9. David Ginn: Bringing Home the Laughs
10. David Ginn: Strictly Visuals
11. David Ginn: Strictly Visuals 2
12. Sammy Smith: David Ginn Linking Ring Cover
13. Tom McCormick: Safety Chalk Talks
14. David Ginn: Crash Course on Kidshows
15. David Ginn: Feather Flowers from Nowhere