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David Ginn Biography

PERFORMER: In years past, David has presented 300-400 live performances yearly at schools, libraries, conventions and churches. During his 50 years in fulltime magic, he has travelled to every part of his State of Georgia, plus presented convention shows across the USA and 25 foreign countries. His total number of lifetime performances ranges around 16,000 shows.

AUTHOR: David has written 95 published books and DVDs teaching other performers how to ENTERTAIN children with comedy magic, as well as books about promoting yourself as an entertainer and booking shows. In the magic and clown trade magazines, he has written over 300 articles to share his experience with others.

LECTURER: To groups of magicians and clowns, plus conventions of entertainers, in every major USA city, across Canada, and in 24 other countries.. From 1995-2002, along with Samuel Patrick Smith (now Linking Ring editor), and Steve Taylor, David presented 147 day-long Komedy Kidshow Klinics in cities across North America. His international lecture tours have taken him to Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and South Africa.

EDITOR/PUBLISHER of three major magic hardbound textbooks: Gene Gordon’s Magical Legacy (1980), The Comedy Magic Textbook by David Roper (1986), and Safety Magic for Children by Karl Wagner (1991).

INTERNATIONAL TRAVELS: David has performed and lectured in 25 countries and every major USA city. In addition to those cited above, he has lectured and entertained in the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia.

CREATOR of three shows yearly for 38 years: an educational school show, a pre-school age show, and a summer reading show for libraries.

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY: In March 2019 David celebrated 50 yeas of marriage to Lynne Miller Ginn, the editor of his life. Lynne has worked 25 years as Administrative Assistant to the Music Minister of a large church. Their daughter AUTUMN GINN is now in her 20th year of teaching elementary school music to 700 children in a public K-5 school. In the summer she takes students on educational trips to Europe and Australia.

CELEBRATING: The year 2020 marks David’s 50th year of performing magic professionally. Due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, David’s life has now become less travel and shows. Instead, he has turned to occasional Zoom lectures and spends more time doing the mail order business of both new and used magic props. He has also used the 2020 slack time to write, direct and produce six new DVDs of archival material including live shows, lectures, and both stage and television appearances. These will be released in the year 2021. And if all goes well, there is always the next book. . .