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David’s Mini-Classes

Here are David Ginn private mini-classes that clearly explain certain magic tricks and techniques beyond the instructions. If you have these tricks or anticipate doing them, I made these videos just for you . . . at no charge. Please keep them private and do not let non-performers watch them. However, you can do me and my family a big favor: If you need props that we offer here at, honor and support us with your orders! Much appreciated! Click on any picture David to go to that video!
1. The GINN Name 2. John Booth Handkerchief Roll 3. John Booth Basic Blendo
4. Neil Foster Blendo 5. Ginn Cheat Blendo 6. Stretching a Rainbow
7. Thumbtip Streamer 8. Wetting Sponges 9. Fantasio Canes
10. Shake Silk   11. Bunny Hat Reversal 12. Popaway Wand
13. Big Dawg Fun by Margaret Clauder